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Whether the ferrite magnetic core is piezoelectric ceramic material

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The ferrite core is not a piezoelectric ceramic material.The ferrite magnetic core is made of nonmetallic magnetic material of a compact uniform ceramic structure with low coercivity
The ferrite core is not a piezoelectric ceramic material. The ferrite magnetic core is made of nonmetallic magnetic material of a compact uniform ceramic structure with low coercivity, also known as soft ferrite. It consists of iron oxide (Fe2O3) and an oxide or carbonate compound of one or more other metals (such as manganese, zinc, nickel, and magnesium). The ferrite material is pressed, then sintered at a high temperature of 1300 degrees C, and finally manufactured by machine into finished magnetic cores that meet the application requirements. Compared with other types of magnetic materials, ferrite has the advantage of high permeability and high resistance and low eddy current loss in a wide range of frequency. These material properties make the ferrite ideal for manufacturing high-frequency transformers, broadband transformers, adjustable inductors and other high-frequency circuits from 10kHz to 50MHz. Piezoelectric ceramics, a functional ceramic material that can transform mechanical energy and electric energy into each other, belong to inorganic non-metallic materials. This is a material that has a piezoelectric effect. Common piezoelectric ceramics include barium titanate, lead zirconate titanate, and A third ABO3(A for bivalent metal ions, B for tetravalent metal ions or the sum of several ions is positive tetravalent) type compound, such as A ternary system composed of Pb(mn1/3nb2/3) O3 and Pb(co1/3nb2/3) O3. If a fourth or more compound is added to the ternary system, a quaternary or multivariate piezoelectric ceramics can be formed. In addition, there is a biniobate piezoelectric ceramics, such as sodium potassium biobate (Na0.5·K0.5·NbO3) and barium strontium niobate (Bax· sr1-x ·Nb2O5), which are free of toxic lead and beneficial to environmental protection.
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