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High performance soft ferrite powder

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With the development of soft magnetic ferrite application field and the deepening of the research and development of ferrite materials,manganese zinc ferrite materials have experienced four generation
With the development of soft magnetic ferrite application field and the deepening of the research and development of ferrite materials, manganese zinc ferrite materials have experienced four generations of development and become one of the basic functional materials with wide temperature, wide frequency, low loss and low distortion. In recent years due to the energy, raw materials and artificial cost rise sharply, lead to rising costs, industry enterprise widespread ZengLi drop situation, but as a result of soft magnetic ferrite materials related to national economy and People's Daily life, its always maintained a rapid development momentum, the magnetic materials market growth rates but also in full. Driven by the rapid development of national economy and the continuous growth of foreign export market, China's soft ferrite industry has good development opportunities and huge development space, but it also hides great risks and severe challenges.
Macroeconomic environment, the country to the transformation of economic structure is imperative, and from the point of its issued a series of industrial policy, also to the development of magnetic materials industry has brought great opportunity, but the world economic growth is slowing, seriously affected our country's products are exported, have also brought magnetic materials industry development of uncertainty, the long-term point of view, overall development trend of magnetic materials industry prospects.
China has the advantage of abundant resources and low labor cost. Under the situation of low manufacturing cost and the change of the downstream industry chain, the global magnetic material industry chain has been gradually transferred to China from Europe and America and Japan, which will become a long-term trend and also provide a good opportunity for the development of China's magnetic material industry. However, due to the limitations and constraints of production process, production equipment, r&d strength and intellectual property rights, the production of soft ferrite materials in China has been in a situation of low grade, unstable quality and low brand for a long time. And high-end products can only be produced by a handful of domestic enterprises, and its product quality and qualified rate and foreign counterparts have a significant gap. Although the output of China's magnetic materials occupies more than 60% of the international market, the majority of Chinese manufacturers of soft ferrite materials are mainly medium-and-low-end products, which makes the vast majority of Chinese enterprises lack the competitiveness of foreign markets. From the perspective of the demand of international and domestic market development, the magnetic material market has a bright prospect under the pull of the communication market, computer market, automobile and electric vehicle market and consumer electronic product market.