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Easiest Way to Know the Difference of Ferrite Core Material in Power Transformer

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—OUGE gives you an insight into ferrite core in electrical transformer

Do you really know the common ferrite core material in high-frequency transformer? These are the tiny must-know basics of the power transformer for transformer enthusiasts and novices in the electrical transformer industry. Today, OUGE will give you the easy way to distinguish the different ferrite core material precisely.

(OUGE EE Ferrite Core)
Ferrite core can provide the magnetic circuit in the transformer. After the winding is electrified, the magnetic field will be generated, and the magnetic field line will pass through the core to form a magnetic circuit, so that the magnetic field intensity of the entire magnetic circuit can be very large, avoiding magnetic leakage loss. The ferrite core material of the power transformer is mainly divided into 3 types.
1.Iron Powder Core
The commonly used iron core is composed of carbon-based ferromagnetic powder and resin-based ferromagnetic powder. The saturation magnetic induction intensity value is around 1.4T. The permeability ranges from 22 to 100. The initial permeability of iron powder core varies with the intensity of the DC magnetic field.

2.Permalloy Powder Core
The Permalloy powder core mainly includes molybdenum Permalloy powder(MPP) and high flux powder.
Molybdenum Permalloy powder core is composed of 81% Ni, 2%Mo and Fe powder. The saturation magnetic induction intensity is around 7500Gs. The permeability ranges from 14-550. It has the lowest loss in the powder core, with excellent temperature stability, which is widely used in space equipment and outdoor equipment. The magnetostriction coefficient is close to zero, and no noise is generated when working at different frequencies. It is mainly used in Q filter, inductive load coil, resonant circuit below 300kHz, LC circuit requiring high-temperature stability, output inductance, power compensation circuit, etc. This kind of powder core is the most expensive.
High flux powder is composed of 50% Ni and 50 % Fe powder. The saturation magnetic induction intensity is around 15000Gs. The permeability ranges from 14 to 160. It has high magnetic induction and high DC bias in the powder core. The core is also small in size, which is mainly used in line filters, AC inductors, output inductors, power factor correction circuit, etc. However, it costs less than MPP. 
3.Kool Mu Cores
Kool Mu core is composed of 9% AI, 5% Si and 85% Fe. It is mainly used to replace iron powder core, with a loss 80% lower than iron powder core, and can be used at above 8kHz frequency. The saturation magnetic induction is around 1.05T. The magnetic conductivity ranges from 26-125. The magnetostriction coefficient is close to 0, and there is no noise when operating at different frequencies, higher DC bias capability than MPP, which is mainly used in AC inductance, output inductance, line filter, power factor correction circuit. Sometimes it is used as the transformer core instead of air gap ferrite.
How to Reduce the Loss of Inductance Core
As we all know, the inductance is a kind of product that can used in many electronic products, such as mobile phone, MP3, MP4, computer, converter, transformer and LED TV display screen and so on. And everybody should also know, the electronic product produces a certain loss in use process, and inductance magnetic core is no exception. However, if the loss of the inductance core is too large, the service life of the inductance core will be reduced, and the normal operation of the products will be affected. So how can we reduce the loss of the inductance core?



GE RM Ferrite Core)

1. The loss of the core generated in the inductance core will decrease with the increase of the loss of the inductance core and lead to an increase of the flux of the inductance core material. Therefore, when the switching frequency rises above 500 kHz, the inductance core loss and winding ac loss can greatly reduce the allowable dc current in the inductance.
2. The loss of the inductance core in the coil is mainly reflected in the loss of copper wire. Therefore, in order to reduce the loss of copper wire, it must be reduced when the loss of the inductance core rises until all losses are equal.

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