EF20 flyback transformer

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EF20 flyback transformer

EF20 flyback transformer

1.20W 12V 2 or 3-output EF20 Flyback Transformerfrom Myrra. Designed for use in switch-mode power supplies and uses UL94-VO listed materials throughout.

2.Excellent EMI performance.Further improvement on eddy current loss

3.High efficiency magnetic construction

4.Power factor > 95%

Input voltage range              

90Vac to 264Vac

 Normal voltage range               

100Vac to 240Vac

 Freguency range                  


 Max input ac current           

4Amax at full load condition

 Inrush current (cold start)          

50Atyp peak 120Vac;100 Atyp 220Vac

 Efficiency(full load)                   

88%min at 90Vac; 88%min at 220Vac

Harmonic current                 

Meet GB17625.1-1998/IEC61000-3-2 class D

 Leakage current                    

Less Than 0.75mA 230Vac input

Standby Power Loss              

≤ 1W Output Power ≤ 0.1W

 Input Fuse                        


new product EF20 output110V flybak transformer input 12V transformer

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