EE1610 transformer

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EE1610 transformer

EE1610 transformer used in USB power supply

1.Characteristics: High saturation materials, ideal for applications requiring bothhigh-current rating and small size
2.Used in switching regulators, power supplies, RFI suppression and filters 
3.Open Magnetic circuit constructionPrecision

Input voltage range              

90Vac to 264Vac

 Normal voltage range               

100Vac to 240Vac

 Freguency range                  


 Max input ac current           

2.0Amax at full load condition

 Inrush current (cold start)          

50Atyp peak 120Vac;100 Atyp 220Vac

 Efficiency(full load)                   

88%min at 90Vac; 89%min at 220Vac

Harmonic current                 

Meet GB17625.1-1998/IEC61000-3-2 class D

 Leakage current                    

Less Than 0.75mA 230Vac input

Standby Power Loss              

≤ 1W Output Power ≤ 0.1W

 Input Fuse                        



1.Appliance:DC power supply;
2.feature:low power loss;big power;low temperature ris;good isolation;good electromagnetic shielding;

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