EDR28 transformer

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EDR28 transformer

EDR28 transformer used in T8 LED lamp

1.Inductance Measured at 1Khz, 0.1Vrms, without DC current and inductance values from 1uH to 8.2μH have a tolerance of ± 30% and for inductance values from 10uH and above the tolerance is ± 20%.
2.Rated DC current at which inductance will be decreased by 10% from it initial value or the DC current at a temperature rise of 40°C or whichever is smaller.

Input voltage range 

90VAC to 264VAC

Normal voltage range

100VAC to 240VAC

Frequency range     


Max input AC current


20Amax at full load condition

Inrush current (cold start)


50A @ 220V

Efficiency(full load)  

93% max @ AC INPUT 220V

Harmonic current    


Leakage Current     

Less Than 5Ma  @ 3000V AC

Standby Power Loss  

<3W @ 240V AC Input

Input Fuse          



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